AI art banned from some online art communities


The web is a wild place. One minute you’re editing your profile picture, and the next thing you know, someone’s ripping it off and claiming ownership with an AI program!

Artificial intelligence artists are flooding the internet with art. And some online communities have taken dramatic steps to ban or curb AI arts presence on their sites.

These include :

  • Newgrounds which is known for allowing user-created games art
  • Inkblot Art where users can create abstract images from scratch using only sketching tools and a paintbrush – all without any guidance whatsoever
  • furaffinity which has long been home of animals dressed up in human clothes just waiting around doing nothing much else than looking cute; if you’re into that kind of thing.

So far major platforms like DeviantArt haven’t made any changes but some artists on social media have complaints about how much art they see that seems to put together by artificial intelligence these days…

AI art battle lines are drawn

The battle between artists has become a lot more interesting with the introduction of new AI- assisted tools. One side thinks that these innovations steal their work and another group believes they provide excellent opportunities for creativity.

In recent years there’s been an intense online discussion about whether artificial intelligence can create beautiful artwork in its own right, rather than just copy human creators’ styles or methods entirely – as some people say it does now sometimes happen when programmes are too closely related to humans (such us assistants). This particular debate reached boiling point after 2021 when two major developments occurred: firstly, most widely available models became accessible through deep learning algorithms namely Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and DALL·E 2.

Is all art theft?

With the release of new AI creativity tools, some artists are discovering their artwork in Stable Diffusion data set. An article from last week covers this discovery and how it has brought up questions about what belongs to whose creative output.

This debate will only grow as more artists compete with AI art.

Aimless Bird will be here to cover it.

What do you think? AI Art is a valid creative medium or simply remixing human art like the sampler did to music?

Answer in the comments before.

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