Starting AI Art Course

What You’ll learn in this course

  • The art world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends.
  • If you're not using AI in your artwork today, you're already behind.
  • Our Starting AI Art Course will show you how to use the latest AI technology to create pieces that are ahead of the curve and sure to impress.

Module 1 - Setting up you AI Art tool

Setting up you AI account

Module 2 - Your First Steps of AI Art creation

You will be guided on how the tool works and how to best start using it to increase success

Module 3 - Creating AI Art everyday

Once you have started we will show you how to improve and expand your skills in AI Art daily

Module 4 - AI Art for Fun and Profit

We will then show you how to to publish your AI Art for fun and even start a potential career selling your art

What you’ll Learn

Part 1

- How to setup your AI Art tool 

- You don't need to be a professional artist to use AI Art.
- It's free to use.

Part 2

- Get up and running quickly.
- Learn at your own pace.
- Succeed faster than you ever thought possible.

Part 3

- Unleash your creativity.
- Transform your artwork into incredible pieces of art.

Part 4

- Learn how to create and sell AI art.
- Gain a new skill that could lead to a career.
- Be the envy of your friends with your amazing artwork.
- Feel proud of yourself for learning something new and exciting.

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